Included Costs

Material for the dissection.

The syllabus for the seminar.

Supplementary information in the form of PDF.

Not included costs

Costs you make for the travel.

Hotel, B&B,...

Personal expenses during and after the seminar.


The registration covers only the module of your choice. During a seminar you can only choose one module. You do not have to do all modules. However, for the modules thorax and abdomen it is necessary to have done 2 other modules in advance (experience).

Cancellation of participation must be notified at least 14 days before the course starts. After the expiry of this period, a refund of the course fee is not possible.

Payment is made through bank transfer. The amount has to be transferred on the account four weeks before the course begins.

Course participants can not trade their course place with third parties without the consent of the course management.

The organization has confirmed the registration. The course fee for the seminar has been transferred.

The course participants keep themselves in the training room(s) at their own risk. During demonstrations and exercises, the course participants act at their own risk. Teachers and course management cannot be held liable.

If you have questions about the costs or the terms of the course, please contact us.